画家。東京都在住。多摩美術大学 油画科卒業(福沢一郎賞)。1999年より東京を中心に定期的に個展開催しつつ、ファッションブランドや画材メーカー等、様々な企業とのコラボを展開している。二作目の絵本『せかいいちのねこ』(白泉社)、作品集『ヒグチユウコ作品集』(グラフィック社)、自身初の絵本『ふたりのねこ』(祥伝社)、塗り絵本『Museum』(グラフィック社)などを出版。2015年1月からヒグチ自身のオリジナルブランド『Gustave(ギュスターヴ)』を展開中。

Higuchi Yuko

Higuchi Yuko is a professional painter who lives in Tokyo. She graduated from Department of Oil Painting, Tama Art University, receiving the Fukuzawa Ichiro Award for her work, “Murasaki” (PURPLE in Japanese).

She has collaborated with various companies such as Uniqlo Co, Ltd. and Holbein Art Materials Inc.

She has been participating in exhibitions around Tokyo since 1999 and has recently published books, including “Higuchi Yuko Artworks,” “Two cats,” “Higuchi Yuko Postcard Book,” “Museum”, and others.

She started her original brand “Gustave” in January 2015.